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'I'm quite good at juggling....' Five-time Olympic rowing medal winner Katherine Grainger admits she's taking a step into the unknown as she looks for a new career after retiring aged 40

There is a saying in sport that an athlete will die twice, the first time at retirement. Katherine Grainger, recently crowned Britain s most decorated female Olympian, is having none of it.With five medals from five consecutive Olympic Games, the rower concedes she now has her work cut out to find something she s good at when she s just been one of the best in the world at something else. But none of her alternative skills she s a black belt in karate, as well as an expert juggler and isn t at all bad on the clarinet immediately ...

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    We're model kids! See if you can match these catwalk kings and queens with their very famous parents

    Modelling is now a go-to for rich kids who just happen to have A-list celebrity parents, and share a little of of their flawless genes to boot.The posturing offspring of rock legends and film stars are everywhere. So how did these models get their big breaks? Here's a clue: try matching them to their famous parents. [media_photo id="32404" height="633" width="306" alt="2) It's only rock and roll: Has appeared in Vogue as weel as French Playboy. Did she ...

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    Someone make Lara Trott a dame! LIZ JONES is among the 1 in 10 adults who (yes really!) can't cycle. So she put on her stabilisers for a ride

    Shaky start: Liz puts on a brave smile for the camera as she sets offSomeone make Laura Trott a dame. I had no idea cycling was so difficult. Or humiliating. I'm on the Buttertubs Pass in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, described by Jeremy Clarkson as 'England's only truly spectacular road', the route traversed by the Tour de France two years ago, and I'm too scared to put both feet on the pedals, release the hand brakes, or let go of ...

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    RACHEL JOHNSON: Weepy William is no wimp - he's my ideal modern man

    And so to the continuing national hunt for Prince William's stiff upper lip. It was first reported missing when he told a boy who had lost his mum to cancer that he missed his own mother every single day, and had done for 20 years.It was still deemed AWOL a couple of days later when he visited a call centre that runs a helpline for worried parents and begged for 'an easy one, please'. He went on to explain why he wanted to be let off the hook.'I'm carrying a lot of things at the moment. I will be in ...


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    Living the dream down under... for free! How to escape grey Britain for Oz by becoming full-time house-sitters (Just steer clear of those 10ft pythons)

    Sitting in my comfortable armchair on a stunning wooden deck, a glass of crisp white wine in hand, I m ecstatic. Below me, surfers are trying to tame huge Coral Sea rollers crashing on to Sunshine Beach in Queensland.In the high-tech kitchen, my wife Natasha is busy making a salad to go with the swordfish steaks that I am supposed to be watching on the barbie by the infinity pool.For the millionth time I pinch myself as just a short while ago we were sheltering in our North Pennines home from a daily diet of rain, sleet and snow, and ...

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    The Crafty Traveller: Don t expect a cruise refund if you re left all at sea - know your rights before you travel

    Do not presume that you will necessarily visit all the ports of call advertised on a cruise s itinerary. Earlier this year, Jane and Antony Miller travelled from Bristol on a seven-night Scottish Islands & Emerald Isle trip with Cruise & Maritime Voyages.It was scheduled to call at Stornoway on Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, and Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, using the ship s tenders to ferry passengers ashore. However, due to poor weather the cruise didn t make these stops. [media_photo id="33508" height="423" width="634" alt="If your cruise doesn't go according to plan, you may not always be ...

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    Coaster capital? It s a real scream to conquer the monster rides in Ohio's most thrilling theme park

    Everything will be OK, I tell myself, if I can just look towards the horizon. Stare out at peaceful, calming Lake Erie, and I can happily block out what s about to come a 215ft plunge towards earth on board Valravn, the new king of dive coasters.But it s as Valravn enters its most horrifying point that the flaw in my plan becomes apparent. When the car is hurtling to earth, it is impossible to look out at the horizon. ...

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    Iceland? It s even cooler than it sounds... Simon Mayo is awestruck by an incredible array of volcanoes, glaciers and big woolly jumpers

    Magnus the Jeep driver, tour guide and volcanologist, has just explained that Hekla, Iceland s largest volcano, could blow at any time. An eruption is, in fact, overdue. Given that he has just spent three hours driving us to within a pumice-throw of the summit, you might think he d have told us that before. The largest glacier in Iceland, Vatnajokull (pictured above), covers nine per cent of the country Er, how much warning do you get? I ask, hoping that ...



The FACE of criminals could one day be revealed from their DNA: Researchers reveal how facial features are stored in our genes

Researchers have identified the genetic variants that contribute to specific facial features and it could one day allow forensic scientists to recreate the faces of criminals based on DNA at the scene.According to the new study, traits including nose size, face width, and even distance between the eyes are associated with particular genetic variations.The findings so far represent just a small number of the genes that play into the size and shape of a human face, but provide new insight on both normal and abnormal facial development. [media_photo id="31093" height="461" width="634" alt="According to the new study, traits including nose size, ...

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    The robot that became racist: AI that learnt from the web finds white-sounding names 'pleasant' and black-sounding names 'unpleasant'

    Humans look to the power of machine learning to make better and more effective decisions.However, it seems that some algorithms are learning more than just how to recognize patterns - they are being taught how to be as biased as the humans they learn from.Researchers found that a widely used AI characterizes black-sounding names as 'unpleasant', which they believe is a result of our own human prejudice hidden in the data it learns from on the World Wide Web.s [media_photo id="31296" height="421" width="634" alt="Researchers found that a widely used AI characterizes black-sounding names as 'unpleasant', which they believe is a ...

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    Now that's a REALLY Great Barrier Reef: Scientists find 'vast' new reef hiding behind Australia's famous attraction

    It is an astonishing find that was hiding in plain sight.Researchers analysing laser data from the Royal Australian Navy have discovered a vast reef behind the familiar Great Barrier Reef.The images revealed great fields of unusual doughnut-shaped circular mounds, each 200-300 metres across and up to 10 metres deep at the centre. Researchers analysing laser data from the Royal Australian Navy have discovered a vast reef behind the familiar Great Barrier ...


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    Theresa May must act to hit target of million new homes

    Bold new policy interventions to unlock the potential of small and medium-sized housebuilders are needed from the Prime Minister, the Federation of Master Builders has warned.The call follows reports that the Government will miss its target to build a million homes by 2020. Last week, homelessness charity Shelter and consultancy Capital Economics revealed housebuilding could fall by 8 per cent in the next year. Required: Bold new policy ...

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    JEFF PRESTRIDGE: Investors (and not managers) must come first in today's fund management sector

    This country possesses a vibrant fund management industry, providing investors with all the tools to build long-term wealth, whether through pensions or tax-friendly Isas.Yet it doesn t mean everything is hunky dory. Far from it. There are issues the industry needs to tackle so as to maintain its stellar reputation.Widespread fat cattery is one, a plague that fuels suspicion among many investors me and you that we are paying too high a price (in terms of fund charges) to line the pockets of executives (fund managers and their bosses). [media_photo id="33453" height="460" width="634" alt="Changes: Woodford Investment Management, set up by ...

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    Cash savers have never had it so bad: Here's how to turbocharge your hard earned cash

    Cash savers have never had it so bad. Rate cuts are coming thick and fast while inflation continues to erode their returns. Here, we assess the state of the market and look at how savers can give their savings a boost.WHERE WE ARE Since the base rate was cut from 0.5 per cent to 0.25 per cent earlier this month, more than 50 banks and building societies have announced rate reductions on selected savings accounts. Turbocharge: Mail on Sunday's guide on how to turbocharge your ...

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    The great pension treasure hunt: Thousands of savers missing fortunes from unclaimed pension pots

    Millions of pension pots are lying unclaimed and could provide a vital income boost to people in retirement. Here, The Mail on Sunday investigates how pensions go missing and what you need to do to track them down.Nearly 1.6 million pension pots are waiting to be claimed by people who have lost touch with their retirement savings over decades of employment known as gone-aways . Track down your treasure: Here, The Mail ...

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    WE'RE WATCHING YOU: Victory for student over her shambolic Madagascar trip

    A student who paid 1,200 to Frontier, a travel company that specialises in placing volunteers abroad, has won back almost all her money after starting a legal action over what she describes as a shambolic experience that ruined her placement at the Nosy Be Hospital in Madagascar.Keira Heslin-Davies, a fourth year medical student in London, says that her arrival surprised staff. She said: No one at the hospital was expecting me or really seemed to know who Frontier was. No work had been planned for her. She protested by email to Frontier and says the final straw came when she ...

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    TONY HETHERINGTON: Why did regulator fail to act over Sky warranty firm?

    J.G. writes: In 2014 I upgraded my Sky service to include an HD box. When fitted I was advised to insure it. A few days later I had a call from what I assumed was Sky, offering three years of breakdown protection for 199, which I paid. Recently, the remote control stopped working so I rang the number on the warranty papers.At first I got an answering machine, but nobody called back and now the number is not recognised. Paperwork shows the scheme is run by Digi Support UK Limited. This is the firm I have been calling. Have I ...


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    Water fountains closed after Mail on Sunday reveals danger bacteria that can cause diarrhoea, gastroenteritis and even pneumonia

    A health warning was issued last night over popular pavement fountains after high levels of bacteria were found in the water.Two sites were closed at Somerset House in London and Gloucester Park in Gloucestershire following an investigation by The Mail on Sunday.The fountains feature powerful jets of water which spring up from the ground. They have soared in popularity over recent years and are clearly adored by children during spells of hot weather. [media_photo id="32590" height="423" width="634" alt="Somerset House in London and Gloucester Park in Gloucestershire have been closed because of its bacteria levels following an investigation by The Mail ...

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    NHS dentist turned away 25-stone chef suffering unbearable toothache because he was too FAT

    Andrew Keitley, 55, was told by staff members at St David's Hospital in Cardiff that the reclining dentist chair would not be able to hold his weightAn NHS dentist turned away a 25-stone chef suffering from an unbearable toothache because he was too fat.Andrew Keitley, 55, was told by staff members at St David's Hospital in Cardiff that the reclining dentist chair would not be able to hold ...

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    'It's a bit embarrassing, we're meant to exist in the shadows': MoD blows Camilla's undercover role in the Army's most secretive unit

    It is the Army s most secretive and elusive unit, whose operations against terror threats at home and abroad have never been officially detailed.But defence officials have now broken with protocol by identifying the Special Reconnaissance Regiment s highest-ranking officer the Duchess of Cornwall. Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, has been revealed as the Special Reconnaissance Regiment's highest-ranking officer, a position which should have been kept top-secretAccording to a list of recent Ministry ...

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    At last: Stunning victory for Mail on Sunday campaign as 12billion foreign aid budget will be slashed to fund the war on terror

    International Development Secretary Priti Patel is to cut spending on traditional aid projects and use the money to help promote 'national security and the national interest'The Mail on Sunday's campaign to tackle the UK's bloated foreign aid budget scored a massive victory last night when the Government decided that tens of millions of pounds can be diverted to fund the war on terror.In a radical break with the David ...

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    What more do you need? Fans claim this selfie 'proves' rapper Tupac Shakur is alive and well almost 20 years after he was gunned down

    Iconic rapper Tupac Shakur was gunned down almost 20 years ago, but fans believe a new photograph proves he is actually alive and well. Conspiracy theorists have long believed that life goes on for the rapper who was shot at the age of 25 on September 7, 1996, in Las Vegas.The latest 'proof' that the rapper is not dead is a selfie included in a YouTube video allegedly showing Tupac - or a man who looks similar to him. [media_photo id="32440" height="829" width="634" alt="Fans claim this picture taken in 2015 is a selfie of rapper Tupac Shakur, who was gunned ...

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    Is Telford the new Rotherham? Horrific reports of widescale grooming and abuse in town dubbed Britain's 'child sex capital'

    Police in Telford, Shropshire have been accused of failing to follow up a 'Rotherham-style' abuse scandal in the town.In Rotherham around 1,400 girls, many of them under-age, were sexually abused over a 16 year period at the hands of men from the town s Pakistani community.Professor Alexis Jay, who led the inquiry into the Rotherham scandal, said girls as young as 11 were raped, tortured and even sold to other men. Telford, pictured, has a population of 155,000 and it ...

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    Whistle while you work: Listening to happy songs such as 'Yellow Submarine' and 'Walking on Sunshine' makes you a better employee, study finds - and heavy metal might also help

    Next time your boss scolds you for wearing headphones at your desk, tell them Cornell scientists approve.Listening to happy songs, such as The Beatles' Yellow Submarine and Katrina And The Waves' Walking On Sunshine makes for better employees, a new study has found.Researchers at Cornell University studied how music influences workers' behavior. They recruited 188 participants - 75 women and 113 men - and divided them into three groups.One group listened to a playlist of four happy songs, which also included Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl and the theme songs from Happy Days, and lasted a total of 12 minutes. [media_photo ...

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    PM lays down the law on Brexit! Cabinet Ministers summoned to Chequers to create action plans on making EU vote a success as May orders an end to 'turf wars'

    Theresa May will hold a 'back to school' Cabinet meeting this week during which she is expected to order feuding Brexit Ministers to end their turf wars.The meeting the first to be held by the Prime Minister at her Chequers country retreat will mark a sharp escalation in Mrs May's efforts to assure restless Eurosceptics in her party that she is on track to deliver an early exit from the EU and will not fob them off with 'Brexit-lite'. [media_photo id="32341" height="428" width="634" alt="Prime Minister Theresa May, pictured, is to host the first Cabinet meeting after the Summer recess at ...

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