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Teenager, 18, who was 'desperate for the perfect job' took his own life after being 'belittled' by Jobcentre staff

David Brown (pictured with his dog Bailey) allegedly faced immense pressure from the Department of Work and PensionsAn 18-year-old football fan who was 'desperate for the perfect job' killed himself after being 'belittled' by Jobcentre staff, an inquest has heard.David Brown allegedly faced such immense pressure from the Department of Work and Pensions to find work that it became too much.Shortly before taking his life on the day he was due to sign on, the teenager from ...

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  • Travel

    Now THAT'S a hot property: The celebrity-lawyer-owned hotel in the Sonoran Desert that's fast becoming a hip and happening place to be

    A hotel owned by two of Hollywood s most prominent celebrity lawyers is making a splash in the desert.With notable former clients like Michael Jackson, actress Winona Ryder and hip hop artist Chris Brown, entertainment lawyer Mark Geragos knows all about star power.And he and business partner and fellow attorney Brian Kabateck have lavished their new hotel with plenty of it. V Palm Springs hotel (pictured) following a massive $15million facelift ...

  • Travel News

    Aviation expert reveals how to travel in luxury on a short-haul flight... and even get a lie-flat bed

    For most travellers faced with a short-haul flight their instinct is to book a budget airline and endure whatever challenges they encounter.But one savvy traveller believes even for speedy journeys it s still possible to fly in style, for the price of an economy ticket.Aviation expert Alex Macheras reveals to MailOnline Travel that it's possible to spend as little as 100 for a short-haul flight but get a business-class experience with a lie-flat bed. Here he reveals all. [media_photo id="211146" height="391" width="634" alt="Aviation expert Alex Macheras believes even for speedy journeys it s still possible to fly in style, for ...

  • Travel News

    Will Amsterdam's marijuana culture be stubbed out? Oldest cannabis cafe in city set to close in government crackdown

    Amsterdam's oldest coffee shop has been shut down by the Dutch government leaving tourists and locals alike wondering if this spells the demise of the city's famous cannabis culture.Mellow Yellow, a cannabis cafe that's been open since 1967, will shut up shop on January 1 by order of the mayor.The shop set a precedent and led the way for countless coffee shops to pop up all over the city. Mellow Yellow has been open since 1967 but will close January 1It has to close ...

  • Travel News

    South Africa is No1 for death, Malaysia for rubber gloves and Pakistan top for gay porn: Map reveals what the world's nations are best at

    If you re a discerning foodie head to Japan as it's the world s number one haute cuisine destination. Want to rub shoulders with billionaires? Then the UK should be on your bucket list. Keen to meet fellow whiskey drinkers? France is the stop for you.A fascinating new global map has pinpointed what different countries in the world are the best at, according to statistics gathered from across the internet ranging from sources such as the World Bank and Guinness World Records.The findings range from the macabre to the mind-boggling. For instance, according to the map, Pakistan consumes more gay ...



Days really ARE dragging, say scientists - and in 200 million years, will be an HOUR longer

If you've felt your evening are really dragging as you wait to leave work, then scientists have revealed why.A new study of the planet's tides has revealed that 'tidal braking' is resulting in longer days. However, don't panic - the difference is 1.8 thousandths of a second per century, meaning an Earth day will not last 25 hours for about two million centuries more. A new study of ...


  • Mortgages & home

    Chelsea homeowners suffer 13% drop in property values as house prices across prime central London fall by nearly 5%

    House prices in prime central London plummeted by an average of 4.8 per cent over the year to November, property experts have revealed.Analysts at Knight Frank say that this year's Brexit vote and stamp duty hikes did major damage to market confidence.This in turn triggered 'long overdue' slashes in asking prices in the most expensive areas of the capital as sellers became increasingly keen to rush through sales and free up cash. Stalling: ...

  • Bills

    It s time to vote in our Wooden Spoon Awards...So which firm drove you up the wall in 2016?

    It's time to get your own back on the companies whose shoddy customer service has driven you mad this year.Today, we launch the ninth annual Money Mail Wooden Spoon Awards. This is your chance to vote for the organisation you think provides Britain s most shambolic service.Every week, hundreds of readers contact us to complain about rotten treatment suffered at the hands of the firms you trusted with your money. You tell us how years of loyalty and the hundreds of pounds you ve paid have counted for nothing, as your grievances have been treated with contempt. [media_photo id="211542" height="558" ...

  • Cards & loans

    M&S Bank demanding loyal credit card customers submit documents to prove identity - a decade or more after opening their account

    M&S Bank is demanding loyal credit card customers submit documents to prove their identity a decade or more after opening their account.In some cases borrowers are being asked for two forms of I.D. that have been signed by an independent professional.The move primarily affects long-standing customers who applied for a credit card before M&S Bank introduced tougher identity checks to prevent fraud. Demand: The move primarily affects long-standing customers who applied for a credit card before ...

  • Cards & loans

    Why taking out 100 cash on a credit card can cost you 7.20...even if you pay it all off at the end of the month

    Hit hard: Official figures show that borrowers are using credit cards to take out as much as 12 million a day from ATMsBanks are exploiting a boom in customers withdrawing cash on credit cards by hitting them with rip-off fees.Official figures show that borrowers are using credit cards to take out as much as 12 million a day from ATMs.Customers often have to use these to withdraw cash because they have left their ...

  • Markets

    Panicked investors wipe more than 1.3bn off Britain s spread-betting firms in wake of crackdown by City watchdog

    Panicked investors wiped more than 1.3bn off Britain s spread-betting firms in the wake of a crackdown by the City watchdog.The industry has boomed in recent years by allowing ordinary punters the chance to bet on financial markets in the same way as City traders.At the touch of a button on a mobile phone or computer they can take huge bets on currencies, stock markets and commodities such as oil, and ramp up their gains and losses through special investment deals. But concerns have grown that more than 400,000 customers each year are losing vast ...

  • Money

    SUNDAY NEWSPAPER SHARE TIPS: RM Secured Direct Lending, Places for People, ReNeuron and Clipper Logistics

    We round up the Sunday newspaper share tips. This week Midas looks at RM Secured Direct Lending and Places for People, while the Sunday Times looks at ReNeuron and Sunday Telegraph Clipper Logistics. Strong signal: RM has lent 7.9 million to Satcom Global, which sells satellite systems for ships and aircraftMAIL ON SUNDAYThe company being floated is RM Secured Direct Lending a group with a dull name but excellent prospects.RM lends money to small and medium-sized firms with ...


  • News

    Army cadet suffers horrendous injury when grenade fired from launcher gets stuck in his hand

    This is the horrifying moment a grenade was blasted through the hand of an army cadet where it became wedged tight after having been fired from a grenade launcher.Fortunately, the grenade did not explode in the dramatic incident which happened during military exercises near the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa.The cadet, whose name has not been released, was taking part in an exercise at the Odessa Military Academy when the explosive device was accidentally fired into his hand from a grenade launcher. [media_photo id="211591" height="405" width="634" alt="A soldier suffered horrific injuries after a grenade was embedded in his hand after ...

  • News

    Stuck in a swanky temple to inertia and self regard: QUENTIN LETTS at the Supreme Court

    Out in the grown-up world, things were happening fast.Parliamentary motions on Article 50 were being slapped down like cards in a game of racing demon, with Labour novice Sir Keir Starmer possibly being outplayed.EU negotiator Michel Barnier, a stiff-backed Monsieur Non in natty blue suit, made a hostile speech which basically told us to get farci.Theresa May showed what she thought of him by boarding a warship and issuing a soundbite about how we needed a 'red, white and blue Brexit'. To the gunwales, able matelots. [media_photo id="211199" height="423" width="634" alt="Brexit supporter Hazel Prowse burns a European Flag outside of ...

  • News

    Riddle of the 'dull' Oxfordshire village and the Chinese tourists solved: Bus tour guides took them there to PUNISH THEM after they figured out how to pay less if they walked to a real attraction

    It was a Chinese puzzle no one could solve why were so many oriental tourists stopping off in an ordinary English village?Coachloads of them were turning up at Kidlington in Oxfordshire where they would walk around nondescript residential roads taking photos.Some knocked on doors to take selfies with the occupants or asked if they could mow owners' lawns.One was even found trying out a trampoline in a front garden.Theories abounded, including tour operators wrongly claiming the spot had appeared in Midsomer Murders or selling it on the strength of the area once being home to Sir Richard Branson. [media_photo id="211136" ...

  • News

    They're all winners! Mary Berry, Mel and Sue all rewarded for their loyalty to the BBC with new shows

    They refused to follow the money when the BBC lost the Great British Bake Off.And now Great British Bake Off stars Sue Perkins, Mel Giedroyc and Mary Berry have been rewarded for their loyalty to the broadcaster with new shows.Sue Perkins will be presenting a brand new documentary series of her own. The three-part series for BBC1 will see the 47-year-old explore the Ganges river in India. Sue Perkins, Mary Berry, ...

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    Could this be the end of super cheap home loans? HSBC ditches its 0.99% fixed deal as it raises rates on a range of mortgages

    Millions of homeowners were last night told to prepare for the end of super cheap mortgages as Britain s biggest bank signalled the death of the sub-1 per cent deal.In a symbolic move, HSBC ditched its record breaking 0.99 per cent two year fixed-rate offer as it hiked mortgage rates across the board.Over the summer, it became the first lender to drop its fixed-rate home loans below the 1 per cent threshold, launching the cheapest two year fixed-rate deal ever.But the bank yesterday increased the rates on dozens of fixed-rate deals by up to 0.5 percentage points adding hundreds of ...

  • News

    Pilot in Colombian plane crash which killed Brazilian football team 'faced arrest for leaving Bolivian air force early'

    The pilot of the plane which crashed and killed 19 members of the Chapecoense football team last Monday was facing trial in his native Bolivia for military desertion, it has been revealed.Bolivian Ministry of Defence officials said Miguel Quiroga, 36, only escaped detention after winning an appeal against an arrest warrant issued when he left the country's Armed Forces without permission.The country's Defence Minister Reymi Ferreira said Quiroga and four other men were being prosecuted after going AWOL before their indentures were up. [media_photo id="211719" height="476" width="634" alt="Bolivian pilot Miguel 'Micky' Quiroga, pictured, who was flying the plane which crashed ...

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    It's a record! Sales of vinyl overtake downloads after 2.4m worth of albums were sold last week compared to 2.1m in the digital format

    The hiss and crackle of vinyl is making a return this Christmas as record sales overtake downloads for the first time.Sales of albums on vinyl totalled 2.4 million last week, outstripping digital downloads at 2.1 million.It is the first time this has happened since the advent of the digital download with the launch of Apple's iTunes website in the UK in 2004. Sales of albums on vinyl totalled 2.4m last week, outstripping digital downloads at 2.1mThe figures represent a dramatic turnaround for ...

  • News

    Freed boy 'monsters' who tortured children seek life anonymity: Brothers who battered, strangled and sexually abused two friends apply to remain unidentified as adults

    Two brothers who tortured two innocent young boys almost to death are attempting to protect their anonymity for life using the Human Rights Act.The pair now free were aged just ten and 11 when they attacked a boy of nine and his 11-year-old friend on isolated wasteland in 2009.Despite battering, strangling and sexually abusing their victims in a 90-minute attack, they were granted anonymity until they both reached adulthood when they were jailed for a minimum of five years. [media_photo id="211127" height="453" width="634" alt="The pair (sketched in court in 2010) now free were aged just ten and 11 when they ...

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