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Beyoncé at Coachella: Destiny's Child star wants control over her festival performance pics

  • Beyonce had a headlining performance at Coachella on Saturday, April 14, 2018
  • She was joined on stage by Destiny's Child's Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams
  • Beyonce's performance was the most tweeted about in Coachella's long history

Beyonce took the stage at Coachella for a crowd-wowing performance that featured groundbreaking vocals and visuals, as well as guest spots from her former band mates and husband Jay-Z.

Now, it has been reported the Grammy award-winner wants control of what images from her record-breaking festival performance are published. According to Page Six, Beyonce's publicist has reached out to several news outlets requesting that they avoid using fan photos from the 36-year-old's highly anticipated appearance. 

It's not the first time Queen Bey's team has attempted to control her media presence. 

Beyonce headlined at Coachella 2018, delivering fans a groundbreaking performance unlike any that's come before

Beyonce headlined at Coachella 2018, delivering fans a groundbreaking performance unlike any that's come before

In 2013, after the mother-of-three's Super Bowl halftime show, Beyonce's team requested that Buzzfeed remove a series of 'unflattering photos' from their site. The images were a part of a gallery of stills from the performance.

Didn't catch Beyonce's show the first time? Here's what you need to know.

Full Beyonce Coachella performance

Beyonce and Solange dancing at Coachella

Beyonce's younger sister, Solange Knowles, was one of many people brought out during the historic Coachella showcase. The pair pulled off a perfectly in-sync routine to the elder Knowles sibling's 2006 single, Get Me Bodied.

Beyonce Destiny's Child reunion

Destiny's Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams also joined Beyonce on stage during Coachella, performing a medley of their greatest hits as a girl group.

The trio hasn't performed together since their brief reunion during Beyonce's 2013 Super Bowl performance. Fans were delighted to see them back in action, if only for a few minutes.

Social media reactions to Beyonce's Coachella performance  

Adele dancing to Beyonce

Adele's love for Beyonce runs deep. During the 2017 Grammy Awards, after Adele beat Beyonce for album of the year, the British songstress dedicated her win to her fellow female music powerhouse. 

Adele showed her adoration for Beyonce once more, sharing a video of herself getting down to the Sorry singer's Coachella performance. The quick clip has gone viral. 

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