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Arctic Monkeys announce Royal Albert Hall show for War Child charity

  • Arctic Monkeys have announced a Royal Albert Hall show in aid of War Child UK
  • The band recently released their sixth album, Tranquility Hotel Base & Casino
  • Arctic Monkeys have started their 2018 tour and will hit the UK in September

The Arctic Monkeys will perform a one-off show in London in aid of War Child.

The band have revealed some information about a special Royal Albert Hall show taking place next month where all the fees will be donated to the War Child UK charity.

The announcement comes just a few days after the band released their sixth studio album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. 

While it has been well received, many fans couldn’t help but turn the album’s peculiar track names into memes.

The Arctic Monkeys started supporting the album by beginning a tour before it was even released, performing at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles on May 5.

Arctic Monkeys have announced a special Royal Albert Hall show in aid of War Child UK charity

Arctic Monkeys have announced a special Royal Albert Hall show in aid of War Child UK charity

The band will perform across Europe and America throughout the summer before hitting the UK for 14 dates in the autumn.

Here is all you need to know about the special show including how to apply, how many tickets you can buy and when is it on.

When will the Arctic Monkeys play Royal Albert Hall?

The Arctic Monkeys will play London’s Royal Albert Hall on June 7, with the show starting at 6.45pm.

How to apply for Arctic Monkey tickets

Tickets will be allocated via a ballot system. The ballot opened on the morning Wednesday May 16 and will continue until Sunday, May 20 at 8pm.

One person can submit just one ballot per person for a fee of £2. The winning ballots will be notified via email on Monday, May 21 at 9am. They will then have 24 hours to purchase tickets.

Each successful entrant can purchase a maximum of two tickets. Children under the age of 5 are not permitted, while under 14s must be accompanied by an adult.

How much are the tickets?

Tickets for the Arctic Monkeys Royal Albert Hall performance will start at £45.

Arctic Monkeys tour dates 2018 

Arctic Monkeys kicked off their 2018 tour with a performance at Los Angeles's Hollywood Forever Cemetery and will perform across Europe and the US throughout the summer months before returning to the UK for 14 dates in the autumn.

See here for all the information about the Arctic Monkeys's 2018 tour. 

What is War Child?

War Child is a UK charity that was founded in 1993 by film-makers David Wilson and Bill Leeson, who wanted to raise awareness about the plight of children in Bosnia during the war. 

The charity’s first aid convoy delivered supplies to the people in Mostar.

The charity’s mission is to ‘protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children caught up in war’.

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