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Jimmy Iovine, 64, throws Liberty Ross a lavish 39th birthday party with star-studded guestlist including Oprah and performance by Missy Elliot

She is married to Interscope Records co-founder Jimmy Iovine. And in honor of her 39th birthday, Liberty Ross was treated to a lavish bash that included guests such as Oprah, Jermaine Dupri and Usher.During the party, which took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Missy Elliot took the stage to entertain the crowd with a selection of her hits.   What a treat! Liberty Ross, 39, celebrated her birthday with a lavish bash at the Beverly Hills Hotel on SaturdayLiberty was a was a dazzling lady in red who sparkled in a spaghetti strap, sequin dress. The raven-haired beauty was treated to a ...

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    'Age makes hypocrites out of us all and when I got married this summer, I was a 57-year-old first-time bride': Why I finally proposed to him after 35 years of waiting!

    For 35 years, my partner, Geof, and I lived happily in sin. Marriage was never on the cards. In fact, he once described our relationship as ‘a one-night stand that had gone horribly wrong’.Neither of us had the slightest inclination to make it legal.Personally I loathe the title ‘Mrs’, and women that refer to their menfolk as ‘my hubby’ make my fists clench. But what can I say? Age makes hypocrites out of us all and when I got married this summer, I was a 57-year-old first-time bride.As my daughter, Phoebe, 27, joked, ‘Well let’s face it, you can be ...

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    Elsa McAlonan's Beauty Upgrades: How to give the appearance of naturally full brows

    If you only change one thing in your beauty routine this autumn, make it your brow products. A well-defined, bold shape is more flattering as we get older (file image)WHAT'S NOW AND HOT TO DO IT: BROW FILLERS Sisley’s Phyto-­Sourcils Fix  If your brows are on the sparse side, try one of the new brow fillers, such as Sisley’s Phyto-Sourcils Fix, a gel formula enriched with pro-vitamin B5 to thicken and condition hairs.It comes in transparent, light medium and medium dark. £40 Shop Dolce & Gabbana ­Emotioneyes palette  If you like to draw in your brows, the new Dolce ...

  • Food

    Seriously creepy coffee: A café in NYC is selling a matte black latte topped with black WHIPPED CREAM - and it's both trendy and unnerving

    The backlash against unicorn lattes and Frappucchinos has given rise to a new coffee drink that's the exact opposite of the rainbow sparkly concoctions that have taken Instagram by storm.Round K, a café on New York's Lower East Side, is now selling a Matte Black Latte, which owner Ockhyeon Byeon says is 'black like my soul'.The drink has very quickly become a major hit — even if the black liquid and matching black whipped cream on top are a bit unnerving. But even without anything added, he noted that 'black coffee' isn't actually black but dark brown. Black like my soul: ...


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    One of Europe's best beaches and magical ports: Exploring the hidden gems on the Cote d'Azur the French probably don't want you knowing about

    Frankly, I could do with a flare going up.I'm in Provence with my baby daughter and girlfriend to explore one of the hidden gems of the Cote d'Azur – Hyeres and its incredible islands – but the hidden theme is materialising early on in a way that's proving a tad frustrating.And alarming.We can't find our Airbnb villa, which we know is lurking somewhere in the hypnotically palm-tree-peppered hillside above Hyeres, but the GPS on our phones won't sync properly with our location and I'm floundering slightly on some steep and tight hairpins in a heavily-laden hire car with a jumpy ...

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    Owners of luxury 'glamping' site unveil a spectacular tree house - which costs nearly as much as the average British HOME

    The owners of a luxury ‘glamping’ campsite have built a spectacular new tree house for guests to stay in - costing nearly as much as the average home in Britain.Eva and Tim Johnson spent more than £200,000 making the handcrafted tree-top structure, which has four bedrooms, a fully working kitchen and a balcony. According to the UK House Price Index, which uses data from HM Land Registry, that sum almost matches the average house price in Britain: £226,185. Tremendous! The Piggledy was built by campsite owner Tim Johnson using diseased elm trees felled in Eastbourne Cooking up a storm: As if four bedrooms ...

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    Let's raise a glass to Madeira! Why the Portuguese region is sweet like the wine it's known for, says Frank Barrett

    Tenerife is like fizzy pop: sweet, delicious but generally unremarkable. Madeira, on the other hand, is like a fine wine which you can savour and enjoy long after the first taste. It’s an interesting comparison. Tenerife is the best known of the Spanish Canary Islands, famous as a package-holiday haunt. Portuguese Madeira occupies a similar stretch of the Atlantic – 300 miles off the North African coast – but has a different vibe.   Beauty spot: Portuguese Madeira occupies a 300-mile stretch off the North African coastIt doesn’t really do ‘sun and sand’, for a start – it has a couple of beaches ...

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    Grab that cheap flight now - it may be your last chance! Forty years ago, the airline revolution set us loose to explore the world. But our freedom to roam could disappear just as quickly

    Forty years ago this month, the world shrank. On Monday, September 26, 1977, Laker Airways began operating its low-fare Skytrain service from Gatwick to New York. By the way, at a time when the news is dominated by reports of people having to wait two or three hours at an airport, it’s worth noting that the first Skytrain passengers were happy to queue for three days simply to get their £56 one-way ticket to New York.Before Laker, few people could afford to fly on scheduled flights to America. After Laker, the world began to open up to ‘ordinary’ people. Louche and ...



Plate tectonics first started moving a billion years AFTER the creation of the Earth helping spark an explosion of life

Plate tectonics may have first started moving 3.5 billion years ago - around a billion years after the Earth's birth, according to new research. A new study rearranges how we understand early Earth by tracing the path of the metallic element titanium through our planet's crust across time.The point at which it changed composition is important as it also affects what minerals could have been available to early life struggling to survive on our planet.  The  study found that for the first billion years of its existence, the Earth's crust was made of uniformly dark, magnesium- and iron-rich mafic minerals - ...

  • Sciencetech

    The prehistoric 'Pac Man' frog that ate small dinosaurs and has a bite as strong as a TIGER

    A large, now extinct frog called Beelzebufo that lived about 68 million years ago in Madagascar would have been capable of eating small dinosaurs, researchers have found. The discovery came after researchers measured the bite force of South American horned frogs, known as Pacman frogs because of their round shape and large mouth.The study found that these frogs have similar bite forces to those of mammalian predators, and the extinct frog may have had a bite as strong as that of a wolf or female tiger.  A large, extinct frog called Beelzebufo that lived 68 million years ago would have been ...

  • Sciencetech

    Instagram adds face filters to live videos in latest Snapchat ripoff

    Instagram has launched a new feature that lets users manipulate face features while sharing live video. The feature allows users to add animated visual effects to live videos, such as sunglasses, a rainbow or even a cloud casting shade.The filters were introduced in May, but could only be used for videos and photo that were taken and then subsequently posted. But over the next few weeks, Instagram will roll out the feature for live videos globally.  Instagram has launched a new feature that lets users manipulate face features while sharing live video. The feature allows users to add animated visual effects to ...


  • Cars

    BMW's Z4 concept is an early indicator that the 2018 roadster will soon be the best looking car out there for 30,000

    BMW has given the world an early peak at what the next-generation Z4 sports car will look like - and it's fabulous.This Z4 concept was officially showcased at this year's Pebble Beach Concours d Elegance in California on Thursday ahead of the car going on sale in 2018.And what you see today is pretty much what you should expect to get in 12 month's time, with the German manufacturer promising that around 80 per cent of the concept design will filter through to the production model. Regal roadster: This is the BMW Z4 Concept - an early sign of what ...

  • Markets

    SMALL CAP MOVERS: AorTech gets 65% boost as Nyota slumps 43% after advisor Beaumont Cornish quits

    Generally speaking, a sharp fall in revenues is never a good sign for any business. While that may be the case for most companies, AorTech International was the exception to the rule this week.The heart valve developer's share price has added 65 per cent over the past few days to 18p, despite seeing sales fall by almost a third last year. Healthy return: Heart valve developer AorTech International's share price has added 65% over the past few days to 18p, despite seeing sales fall by almost a third last yearThe silver lining for investors was that AorTech said it is ...

  • Markets

    FTSE 100 slumps as airlines and travel companies are sold off due to terror fears and Washington chaos continues

    The FTSE 100 has fallen more than 1 per cent today as investors were spooked by a combination of the terror attack in Barcelona and political turmoil in America.The attack last night in Spain has added more negative sentiment to the already downbeat markets that have resulted from Saturday's Charlottesville riot and President Trump's reaction to it.As of late morning the FTSE 100 was 1.03 per cent lower at 7311 points. The FTSE 250 was faring little better, down 0.92 per cent at 19,590. The pound was up 0.15 per cent against the dollar at $1.2887 and flat versus the ...

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    Rail passengers avoid fare increases after watchdog imposes price cap on South West Trains

    Rail passengers in the south of England will be spared paying more for a worse service after the competition watchdog agreed to a cap being put on South West Trains rail franchise's ticket prices.The Competition and Markets Authority last month warned that First Group and MTR s operation of the London-Exeter route raised antitrust concerns as First Group already operates Great Western Railway, which runs the only other train service between the cities.Without intervention, the CMA said the firms may have been able to increase fares for passengers. Rail passengers will be spared higher fares after the competition watchdog agreed ...

  • Holidays

    Business-class flight searches up 63% this year as holidaymakers consider the extra expense of travelling in luxury

    Appetite for business-class travel appears to have grown this year with a website reporting a 63 per cent increase in 'premium cabin' flight searches compared to 2016.Asprational holidaymakers flying from London airports to popular long-haul destinations are looking increasingly at business and first class: searches for London to Bangkok showed an increase of 94 per cent, while London to Cape Town grew by 60 per cent and London to Singapore topped the list with an increase of 166 per cent.Many travellers may feel business class is out of their budget, but Cheapflights has also revealed how they can fly at ...

  • Student Finance

    RACHEL RICKARD STRAUS: We teach toddlers about dinosaurs, but tell teenagers to measure their education as a return on investment - learning is about so much more than earning

    I love the fact that we teach young children about giraffes, dinosaurs and planets.None of these are essential bits of information for a new person in the world. They re unlikely to encounter a giraffe, being able to identify a Tyrannosaurus Rex is no longer a key survival skill and really what those things are that sparkle in the sky is by-the-by on a day to day basis.And yet small people often learn about them far earlier than more practical bits of knowledge. I think this says something brilliant about us and our values. The good stuff: Children are often ...


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    Mother charged with leaving her girl, 15 months, locked in her car in sweltering 30 degree heat while she went SHOPPING

    A mother who allegedly left her young daughter sitting alone in a car for close to an hour while she went shopping has been charged.As much of Sydney sweltered through a balmy weekend, it's alleged the woman, 39, left the 15-month-old girl unsupervised in the Hurstville Central car park on Sunday.Other shoppers walking through the car park called police after noticing the toddler sitting unattended, with paramedics arriving to free the distressed youngster close to an hour after the woman had allegedly left her.  A mother who allegedly left her young daughter sitting alone in a car while she went ...

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    Anthony Weiner to be sentenced tomorrow for sexting a 15-year-girl and persuading her to get naked for him on Skype as prosecutors urge the judge to jail him for more than two years

    Anthony Weiner is to be sentenced tomorrow for sexting a 15-year-girl and persuading her to get naked for him on Skype.The scandal-hit politician, 53, could face more than two years in jail for sending obscene material to the teen in a case that may have also have played a role in costing Hillary Clinton — former boss of Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin — the presidential election.'This is not merely a 'sexting' case,' prosecutors wrote to the judge. 'The defendant did far more than exchange typed words on a lifeless cellphone screen with a faceless stranger. 'With full knowledge that he was communicating ...

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    'It's one of the worst things I've ever seen': Bethenny Frankel flies to earthquake-ravaged Mexican town to deliver aid and promote fundraising

    Bethenny Frankel was in an earthquake-ravaged Mexican town on Sunday to help with relief efforts, deliver aid, and speak out about the devastation.The Real Housewife of New York star, 46, flew via helicopter on Friday night to Jojutla, an impoverished town south of Mexico City that has seen some of the worst of the devastation.Frankel shared videos and photos to her Instagram page showing leveled buildings, mounds of rubble and people asking for help.The reality star is using the hashtag #thisisacrisis to promote the cause of her organization, B Strong.  Bethenny Frankel was in an earthquake-ravaged Mexican town on Sunday (pictured) ...

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    City worker sues BA over 'assault' by cabin crew...but airline says she tried to bite staff and ran along an aisle with her trousers down

    Sabina Sultanova was travelling to the UAE for her birthday when she claims she was pulled back on to a plane as she tried to disembarkA city worker is suing British Airways after claiming she was assaulted by the cabin crew before being held by police in Dubai for 12 hours without being told why.Sabina Sultanova, 34, was travelling to the UAE for her birthday when she alleges she was pulled back on to a plane as she tried to disembark, leaving her bruised with a cut on her neck.The financial services worker says she passed out before waking ...

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    March of the GP receptionist: Surgery staff across the UK are given half a day of 'care' training and ordered to cut down the number of appointments

    Patients trying to see a GP are being screened by receptionists in a controversial scheme designed to cut the number of appointments.Under an NHS drive to free up doctors' time, clerical staff are being trained as 'care navigators'.They are being sent on a half-day course and taught how to direct patients to other health professionals, including nurses, pharmacists or physiotherapists.The scheme was devised to reduce 'avoidable' appointments and is gradually being adopted by surgeries across England.GPs say up to a quarter of consultations are unnecessary and taken up by patients who could look after themselves at home or see another health ...

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    Mass acid attack which put three victims in hospital 'is latest revenge in tit-for-tat East London gang feud'

    An acid attack spree that hospitalised three people may have been the latest in a series of tit-for-tat revenge attacks between East London gangs including the murder for Corey Junior Davis (pictured), 14An acid attack spree that injured six and hospitalised three may have been the latest in a series of tit-for-tat revenge attacks between East London gangs. Schoolboy Corey Junior Davis, 14, who was linked to the Woodgrange group, was shot from behind at close range next to a playground in Forest Gate earlier in the month.Locals believe the shooting was itself a revenge attack arranged by the Beckton ...

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    Chaos as ALL flights at Sydney Airport are grounded due to power outage on the first day of school holidays

    All flights at Sydney Airport have been grounded following a huge power outage on the first day of school holidays.Systems went down around 5.20am, and while some planes have been able to land, no aircraft are able to depart the airport.The flights were grounded, due to an air traffic control system fault, preventing all flights from leaving the airport. The chaos comes as thousands of families prepare to head away on vacation for the school holidays, which began for many on Monday.  Thousands of passengers have been stranded at the airport, with reports of a system failure Systems went down around ...

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    Boyfriend, 30, 'ran over his girlfriend of two years, 40, then fled the scene and left her dead body on the side of the road'

    The woman who was found dead by a neighbor on Friday morning following a hit-and-run the day before, has been identified. Dawn Marie Meade, 40, was found outside the Blue Ridge Shores Subdivision on Firehouse Drive in Louisa County, Virginia, on Friday.Gregory P. Veres, 30, was identified as the driver of the vehicle.   Dawn Marie Meade, 40, was found outside the Blue Ridge Shores Subdivision on Firehouse Drive in Louisa County, Virginia, on FridayHe was taken into custody on Friday after he called to report that h is car was heavily damaged.It was determined that the two had been in a ...

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