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Two children who only met their multi-million father within the last four years will inherit his $17.3million when he dies - because he doesn't have a will

A brother and sister will most likely have their lives turned upside down when they inherit the multi-million dollar empire their father will leave behind. The two adult children met their father, 83, four years ago for the first time and because the millionaire hasn't written a will, and now doesn't have the ability to, his wealth will likely be inherited by his children. The millionaire set up an extravagant empire on the Gold Coast after becoming a quadriplegic 43 years ago, News Corp reports. [media_photo id="891633" height="423" width="634" alt="Two children are likely to inherit millions from their Gold Coast ...

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    'We go to bed every night and hope Tate wakes up in the morning': The six-year-old boy who has a disease so rare it doesn't even have a name...and manifests into 12 different illnesses

    Every night before she goes to bed, Kellie Barnes hopes that when she wakes up her six-year-old son will still be alive. Tate Jones was born with a chromosome abnormality that is so rare it doesn't even have a name yet. There are only four known cases in the world. The abnormality manifests itself in 12 different illnesses that have sent Tate to the hospital countless times, undergoing 10 operations before he turned five years old.He has become a puzzle piece for doctors, who do not know what will happen next and cannot tell Kellie and her family how long ...

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    LIZ JONES: I'm now officially scum of the earth - because I rent a house

    I don't have much in common with millennials. I ve never seen an episode of Game Of Thrones. I don t Snapchat. I don t own an Ed Sheeran record. I m more Generation Game than Generation Z. But there is one important area of these whippersnappers lives where I m an expert. And that is what it means to be a member of Generation Rent.Of course, young people starting out in the workplace might put a positive spin on renting: you can move to New York next month if the fancy takes you (I was once offered a job ...

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    Irritable, tired and have a headache this morning? Why you might have a SUGAR HANGOVER - and what you can do to prevent one

    Tired, irritable and got a headache or brain fog? You might be suffering from a sugar hangover.Yep. They're a real thing, and even though they're not officially recognised by the medical community, countless people struggle with them - and they affect everything from your productivity to your happiness.FEMAIL spoke to Sydney-based dietitian and nutritionist, Lyndi Cohen, about what a sugar hangover is - and how you can prevent one.It might make you put that tub of ice cream back in the freezer... [media_photo id="889620" height="708" width="634" alt="FEMAIL spoke to Sydney-based dietitian and nutritionist, Lyndi Cohen (pictured), about the prevalence of ...


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    Sian Lloyd follows in Joanna Lumley's footsteps by ticking off her ultimate bucket list adventure on the Trans-Siberian Railway

    It's thanks to Joanna Lumley that I ticked off the very top item on my bucket list and took the ultimate long-distance train ride. Last year marked the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Trans-Siberian Railway, the longest line in the world, and the charming Ms Lumley had been dispatched by ITV to travel seven time zones and several landscapes, from east to west across Russia.I was seduced by her joyous enthusiasm as she crossed some of the harshest, yet most beautiful terrain on Earth. By the middle of the series, I had booked myself a cabin on the ...

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    Ancient castles, baroque palaces and stylish shopping: Six things you must do in the Austrian city of Graz

    Austria s second city now reachable by direct flight from the UK is known for its sleek design. Gareth Huw Davies finds a unique spiral staircase, a floating cafe and a stunning gallery nicknamed the Friendly Alien 1. Take the short route BMI Regional now operates direct flights to Graz from Birmingham. The city centre, just 15 minutes by taxi from the airport, is a World Heritage site. Unesco praises its harmonious integration of architectural styles from successive periods. Each age is represented by typical buildings, which are often masterpieces . [media_photo id="891551" height="423" width="634" alt="Baroque beauty: Ride the No ...

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    From supersonic jet to the Dark Side Of The Moon: One travel writer's trip aboard Concorde with Pink Floyd

    Back in 1996 I went on a day-trip to New York, flying on British Airways Concorde. The supersonic journey was remarkable for the fact that the three-hour 30-minute flight, combined with the five-hour time difference, meant that we arrived at JFK Airport 90 minutes before we had left London.The trip was especially interesting because members of Pink Floyd were on the same flight they were en route to Cleveland where they were due to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. [media_photo id="891548" height="347" width="634" alt="The Mail on Sunday's Travel Editor Frank Barrett travelled on Concorde in ...

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    Making a meal of the mighty Mekong: Author Sandra Howard is served up treat after treat as she unlocks the secrets of laidback Laos

    Author Sandra Howard went in Laos at the Wat Xieng Thong templeI had been told that Laos was a gentle, placid country with beautiful French colonial architecture. But no one had mentioned the cooking. From mok paa, the sublime, delicately perfumed fish in banana-leaf parcels we had while cruising down the Mekong, to the yellow curry chicken and wok-fried buffalo steak flamb with red sticky rice in Luang Prabang, the list goes on.We had decided to explore Laos on the way home from ...



Giant rechargeable batteries could soon be installed across Britain to help power wind farms and solar panels

Giant rechargeable batteries could soon be installed in Britain to aid green energy facilities.The business secretary Greg Clark is expected to announce plans this week to install the batteries near wind and solar panel farms to help the energy resources continue to supply households when demand increases. Speaking to the Sunday Times, he said: 'We get 14 per cent of our electricity from intermittent sources [such as wind and solar] . . . but this intermittency does add costs.' [media_photo id="890973" height="426" width="634" alt="The business secretary Greg Clark is expected to announce plans this week to install the batteries near ...

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    Eclipse chaser reveals how to prepare for next month's historic event - and why clouds don't necessarily spell disaster

    In exactly one month, the United States will be treated to its first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in nearly a century, sweeping across the country from Oregon all the way to South Carolina.Ahead of the highly-anticipated event, a seasoned eclipse chaser who s clocked a total of 35 minutes in the shadow of the moon has shared some expert tips on how to make the most of the rare phenomenon.From what props you should bring along, to what to look out for in the moments leading up to totality, eclipse enthusiast Michael Aisner has revealed everything you need to know ...

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    The ultimate vehicle for a Jedi in training: $500 mini version of Luke Skywalker's Star Wars landspeeder revealed

    Is your child is an aspiring Jedi, then a new Star Wars Landspeeder toy could get them on their way. Unveiled at Comic-Con, 'Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder,' is modeled after the X-34 aircraft from Star Wars: A New Hope and has seats for two riders.The speeder, which has an interactive dashboard with lights and sound effects from the original Star Wars movie, is available for pre-order for $499.99 and lets children drive at speeds of five miles per hour. [media_photo id="889427" height="389" width="634" alt=" The toy, called 'Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder,' is modeled after the X-34 aircraft from Star Wars: A New ...


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    Britain's new boom towns! How investors are bidding tens of BILLIONS to transform the UK high street

    Some of the UK s biggest investment firms are placing a multi-billion pound bet that is triggering a startling rejuvenation of many neglected town centres.Customers have been turning their backs on local high streets to spend more cash at accessible out-of-town retail developments and on the internet. However, many towns are now poised to get an overdue new lease of life as councils work on ambitious plans to turn around the fortunes of high streets by throwing the doors open to big money from the City. [media_photo id="890475" height="380" width="634" alt="The first of the new developments will be officially opening ...

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    It's bananas! How confusing food labels cause shoppers to bin one third of their groceries resulting in 13bn of waste

    Supermarkets are frightening shoppers into throwing away hundreds of pounds of perfectly good food every year by using best-before labels. Here, The Mail on Sunday reveals some of their sneaky secrets and how you can beat the shops at their own game and cut your grocery bill by a third. We also report on how a crackdown on the scare tactics adopted by supermarkets could revolutionise the way we food shop.More than seven million tons of unused food is scraped into kitchen bins every year, more than half of which is still good enough to eat.Households spend an average 57 ...

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    Ethical funds show that doing good CAN be profitable as they beat rivals by backing firms loved by millennials

    Bear market: Ethical funds invest in firms offering solutions to environmental issuesFund managers trying to woo younger investors are backing firms that do good in the world. Ethical funds are undergoing a major overhaul as asset managers try to work out what is important to the next generation of investors.Catherine Howarth, chief executive at Share Action, a charity which promotes responsible investment, says: There is a generational shift taking place in investing. Ethical funds in the 1980s were focused on avoiding arms, pornography ...

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    Save money abroad - don't pay with your debit card: If you re jetting off, here's how to avoid being hit by hidden, rip-off charges

    Holidaymakers are being warned to think twice before flexing their everyday plastic when spending abroad. With every transaction in a shop, hotel or bar, a combination of poor exchange rates and hidden card charges can quickly spoil the memory of a good holiday.This dent in the pockets of holidaymakers will be made bigger by the impact of the weak pound.Sterling is worth 12 to 14 per cent less than it was on the day of the Brexit vote, when compared with currencies such as the US dollar and euro. Thanks to the Brexit effect, travellers now get $91 and 94 ...

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    JON REES: From the poor to the rich, to the political parties, who pays the biggest price for inflation?

    Prices have risen since the referendum on Brexit last year and as we report below there is more to come with package holidays set to cost us all more, too. The fall in the value of sterling is key. The day after the referendum, it plunged and inflation has risen sharply ever since as we pay more for imported goods.Last June, it was 0.8 per cent and last month it was 2.6 per cent with Bank of England governor Mark Carney saying the big picture for inflation remains the same despite a slight fall last month. [media_photo id="888813" height="381" width="634" ...

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    Insurers set for backlash as they look to make stage one cancer not 'critical' enough for full cover

    A controversial proposal by the insurance industry to water down the benefits payable from a popular type of financial protection cover has been widely criticised.If the move goes ahead, experts say it will cause irreparable damage to the appeal of protection insurance and harm the industry s already tarnished reputation as consumers accuse it of using technicalities to avoid payouts.The controversy is centred on critical illness insurance which is sold by most leading insurers including Aviva, Legal & General and Royal London. [media_photo id="888800" height="376" width="634" alt="A controversial proposal by the insurance industry to water down the benefits payable from ...


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    Tragedy as girl, nine, is found dead after drowning in the bathtub

    A nine-year-old girl has been found dead in a bathtub in what police are calling a tragic incident.Her body was discovered by a family member at her home in south Auckland just before 8am on Sunday.Police say emergency services were called to the home on Bacardi Place, Conifer Grove but were unable to save the girl. Police (pictured) said a nine-year-old girl drowned in the bath at her south Auckland home on Sunday morningThe girl was deceased when ...

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    Man covered in accelerant and choked at a house escapes torturers as they tried to force him in the boot of a car

    A 21-year-old man claims he was tied to a chair, beaten and covered in accelerant before managing to escape.The man was allegedly invited into a home in Queensland by someone he knew before he was robbed of his possessions and attacked.Police claim two men took the 21-year-old into a home in Deception Bay about 9.30am on Saturday, bound him to a chair and then hit him in the head with a metal object.One man then poured accelerant onto him and choked him. [media_photo id="891293" height="343" width="634" alt="A 21-year-old man was invited into a home in Lockyer Parade, Deception Bay (pictured) ...

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    Hang on! You said this would be safe, you little monkey: Harmless fun ends with undignified tumble for one playful baboon

    They probably thought it would be a spot of harmless monkey business but it ended with an undignified tumble for one of these playful young Chacma baboons.As the pair embarked on some unusual gymnastics one swinging joyfully on the other s tail student Juan van den Heever was there to capture it with his camera. And he also snapped the moment when it all went wrong with one of the two crashing to earth back-first in South Africa s Kruger National Park. [media_photo id="891342" height="1358" width="962" alt="They probably thought it would be a spot of harmless monkey business but it ...

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    'I was lucky I talked myself out of it': Former NRL player Daniel Conn reveals how attempted suicide THREE times after a neck injury ended his football career

    Fitness fanatic and former model and NRL star Daniel Conn has revealed he tried to kill himself three times.The reality TV star and ex-partner of Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison battled depression for years after a neck injury ended his rugby league career.Conn is now speaking out about his suicide attempts - one in Sydney and two on the Gold Coast - in the hopes of ending the stigma around mental illness. Former ...

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    Melbourne could run out of water in ten years because of population growth and climate change

    One of the world's most livable cities could be facing an acute water shortage problem in the next ten to 15 years time no thanks to climate change and population growth.Water supply in Melbourne may fall and reach a crisis point if no precautionary methods are taken to contain the problem from today, reports The Age.The publication says demand for water in the state is expected to exceed the supply by 2028. Taps in Melbourne might soon run ...

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    Conor McGregor's controversial 'F*** You' pinstripe suit he wore to Floyd Mayweather press conference goes on sale for a whopping 5,000

    The suit that infamously flipped the bird at Floyd Mayweather can now be yours, as Conor McGregor's pinstripe getup goes on sale for 5,000 - a price that fits its 'F*** You' title.Boxing fans find it hard to forget the custom-made 3-piece navy twill that McGregor, the Notorious Irish fighter and reigning UFC Lightweight Champion, wore earlier this month to heat up his rivalry with the undefeated Mayweather. McGregor, 29, first dawned the suit in Los Angeles on July, 14, during the press conference, which kicked off a spat of insults and the promotion of his million pound engrossing match ...

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    US Olympian who was paralyzed in a backflip accident defies doctor's predictions he would never walk again by standing at the alter and marrying his childhood sweetheart

    A two-time Olympian was able to walk in his Californian wedding after he was told by some doctors that he may never walk again.While American high jumper Jamie Nieto is recovering from a spinal cord injury he suffered while doing a backflip in April 2016, the incident couldn't stop the athlete from getting married in a San Diego, California, church on June 22. 'People keep saying my recovery is really fast,' said the 40-year-old.'I feel like it's not fast enough. I want to be better tomorrow. I'm built for speed, not for going slow. But I'm working on being the ...

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    'Act like a grown-up': Drunk driver who left popular principal an amputee is blasted by judge and loses plea deal after she turns up hours late for court and broke down in tears

    A Florida motorist, accused of running over a high school principal and leaving him an amputee, lost her plea deal after she showed up to court hours late.Marilyn Aguilera, 52, was set to accept a plea deal for four years in prison after she ran over Javier Perez, 44, in 2016 while drunk driving.The vehicle pinned Perez, causing him to lose both his legs and leaving him wheelchair-bound.But Aguilera arrived to court hours late on Friday, broke down in tears during standard questioning by the judge, and asked about leaving prison early.Exasperated, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Diane Ward told Aguilera to ...

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