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'I eat so much of it': Jennifer Hawkins reveals OLIVE OIL is the key to her radiant skin - as she wows on the Myer Spring Collections runway

She's the Face of Myer, whose modelling prowess has seen her represent the brand for more than a decade.So it should come as no surprise that when Newcastle-born model, Jennifer Hawkins, shared her skincare secrets, FEMAIL were all ears.'I eat so much olive oil, I think it's the key for good skin,' the 33-year-old supermodel told Daily Mail Australia after the Myer Spring Collections Launch at South Coogee on Thursday afternoon.'You've got to watch your food, it's huge for complexion.' [media_photo id="999161" height="471" width="306" alt="33-year-old model, Jennifer Hawkins, wowed on the Myer catwalks on Thursday afternoon in South Coogee (pictured ...

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  • Travel

    Setting sail in the Arctic on 'the world s most beautiful sea voyage' (with eagles and dolphins for company)

    Being in the Land of the Midnight Sun can do strange things to you.A few days into my cruise along the Norwegian coast, I d been chatting on deck after dinner with my fellow passengers. I went to bed thinking that it wasn t a particularly late night - and was shocked to find that it was quarter to five in the morning!Sailing along a coastline which was as brightly lit up at night-time as if it were day had knocked my body clock completely out of whack. [media_photo id="999118" height="479" width="634" alt="The Richard With cruises through Norway's spectacular ...

  • Travel

    See Vienna as a stuffy destination stuck in the past? Think again. Why the city is becoming Europe's hottest mini-break location

    When choosing a European hotspot, holidaymakers are spoilt for choice. Many opt for the romance of Paris, the nightlife of Berlin, or maybe sun-kissed sightseeing in Barcelona. But for something different, the coolest European minibreak destination could just be Vienna, a city that mixes offbeat and interesting cultural events with an unbeatable old-world charm.In the past, this beautiful and historic city might not have been be high up on the list for travellers, but this is changing. In 2015 the city welcomed more than 14million overnight stays- not bad for a city of less than two million residents. And Vienna ...

  • Travel News

    Juggling with hands and feet and backwards rollerblading down a hill: Astonishing video compilation reveals why 'people are awesome' with the best feats of 2017 so far

    People are awesome and here s the proof.A YouTube video compilation has emerged of some of the most incredible feats of the year so far and it s had over a million views so far.Called People Are Awesome , it features daredevils around the world performing the most incredible feats, from somersaulting on to skateboards to juggling with hands and feet at the same time. Here MailOnline Travel presents five of its favourite moments from the video. Miracle mini-golfer [media_photo id="996591" height="716" width="634" alt="Two-year-old Owen Earl, from Glendale, Arizona, could be a golfing great in the making on the evidence ...

  • Travel News

    Inside one of the world's most remote towns where only 10 children go to school, there are no cars and you can build a house wherever you like

    With no cars, no hospital and no bars or restaurants, Francois in Newfoundland and Labrador has to be one of the world's most remote communities.The tiny town, tucked away in a bay on the most easterly point of Canada, is only accessible by boat and the locals scoot around on quad bikes to save their legs on the steep valley paths. During a recent trip to the sleepy settlement, MailOnline Travel learned that all of the 75 inhabitants know each other, darts is a popular form of entertainment and residents are free to build a property wherever they fancy. [media_photo ...



Let's hope the clouds don't get in the way! Partial eclipse of the sun to be visible from across Britain just before sunset on Monday

A partial eclipse of the sun will be visible across the UK just before sunset on Monday - providing clouds do not get in the way.The sun will resemble a biscuit with a bite out of it as part of the moon blocks out the sun's rays.Providing the weather is fine on Monday, the rare solar eclipse should be visible at around 8pm, depending on where you are in the UK.The moon will block out 10 per cent of the sun's diameter, and 2 per cent of its area, with dark sun spots speckling the sun's surface. [media_photo id="998431" height="444" ...

  • Sciencetech

    How pollution makes its way to the ocean floor: Deep-sea footage reveals plastic eaten by tiny plankton sinks to the bottom in fecal pellets

    Over the last decade, researchers have discovered tiny pieces of plastic in the ocean and even in deep-sea mud, but they don't much about how microplastics are transported within the ocean. But now, new research has found that filter-feeding animals called giant larvaceans can collect and consume microplastic particles in the deep sea. The plastic particles accumulate in larvaceans' cast-off filters and are passed into the animals' fecal pellets, which sink to the ocean floor, potentially carrying microplastics to the ocean floor with them. [media_photo id="998167" height="386" width="634" alt="A giant larvacean (the blue, tadpole-like animal) beats its tail to pump ...

  • Sciencetech

    Want to make new friends? Women who talk about their favourite TV shows online feel a stronger sense of community, research finds

    For those wanting to make new friends, staying at home could prove the best way to find like-minded people.Watching fictional TV series and joining online forums about the shows helps women express themselves and feel a sense of community, research has found.These online communities give women a group to identify with, as they self-reflect and swap opinions with others about the storylines of the shows. [media_photo id="998173" height="424" width="634" alt="For those wanting to make new friends, staying at home could prove the best way to find like-minded people. Watching fictional TV series and joining online forums about the shows helps ...


  • Saving & banking

    The mysterious case of Barclays closing down a customer's three accounts after she reported a 'strange' payment she'd received

    A Barclays customer with acute anxiety and depression has been left devastated after the banking giant suddenly closed down her three accounts without explanation or warning.Eve, 19, from Yorkshire who This is Money has chosen not to fully name - holds a savings, student and current account with the banking giant.Last month, she noticed a payment of 138 that she did not recognise had entered her student account. Policy: Barclays usually gives two month's ...

  • Investing

    'We lost track of our basic disciplines': Rathbone Income fund manager on the lessons he learnt from suffering in the credit crunch

    The financial crisis was a sobering experience for fund managers - just ask Carl Stick whose Rathbone Income fund was one of the worst performers when it all came crashing down.Put simply, the experience was a disaster. Stick is the first to point out that his fund, which invests in predominately in UK companies for income, lost 34 per cent of its value following the crash in 2008.But he is also keen to point out that those credit crunch lessons were learnt and the portfolio is now managed in a more conservative fashion with a greater emphasis on balance sheet ...

  • Student Finance

    The best student bank accounts for 2017 and why freshers should ignore the tempting freebies

    Opening a student bank account is one of the most important financial steps this year's crop of school leavers will take, as they gear up for the start of their university journey.The bank they choose will likely see them through their three-plus years of study and longer, as inertia stops most people switching away from their existing bank.With a new batch of customers up for grabs, banks are falling over themselves to sign students up, offering anything from Amazon vouchers to free railcards on top of interest-free overdraft buffers.With a whole host of accounts to choose from - we take ...

  • News

    Cuts on household spending reach a two-year high as consumer confidence plummets post-Brexit

    Cuts on household spending have reached a two-year high as consumer confidence continues to plummet following the Brexit vote, data suggested today.More than half of Britons admitted to resorting to cost-cutting measures when it came to groceries and energy bills in the second quarter of 2017, according to Nielsen's latest Global Survey of Consumer Confidence and Spending Intentions.The worries about the economy are so severe that almost half (45 per cent) of people in the UK think the country on the verge of a recession. The majority of these also believe the downturn will last for at least another year. ...

  • Buy-to-let

    SIMON LAMBERT: The death of dinner party buy-to-let... and why the easy gains from property have gone

    For much of the past two decades if you gave many people a large lump sum there would be one chief place they would consider investing it property.Buy-to-let or contemplating it - was Britain s favourite investing hobby. The lure was strong of buying that house round the corner, a student home for the kids, or holding onto a previous property if a couple moved up the housing ladder.And we loved to talk about it.Yet today, dinner party chatter is as likely to be about why the numbers didn t stack up for keeping your old flat, or buying another ...

  • Comment

    ALEX BRUMMER: Dulux hoists a white flag but for how long can it hold off the vultures?

    War weary: Dulux maker Akzo Nobel fought off a takeover by Pittsburgh-based PPGDulux maker Akzo Nobel has declared peace in our time after reaching a 'standstill' deal with arch- tormenter Elliott Advisors. There are understandable reasons why Akzo has decided it is time to lie down with the lion.The company's highly regarded chief executive Ton Buchner was driven from office by ill-health brought on by the takeover battle led by Pittsburgh-based PPG and supported by Elliott. Chairman Antony Burgmans has agreed to step ...


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