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Tottenham unveil flash new stadium design with glitzy restaurant, wine and cheese bar and glass-fronted view into the players' tunnel

It was at White Hart Lane in the early days of the Premier League revolution when I was struck by my first bolt from football s future.Sheffield Wednesday were at Tottenham and the good folk of South Yorkshire had been plunged into a state of confusion having discovered there were pizza slices and hot dogs for sale but no pies. Imagine the shock.Twenty-five years on and I m back at the same venue, this time in the swish Spurs offices inside Lilywhite House with massive goggles strapped to my head and the unfamiliar feel of a games console in my ...

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    Making Mount Everest great again! Donald Trump awkwardly climbing a golf course green becomes the subject of a Photoshop challenge

    If there is one certainty about the next four years, it's that Donald Trump will be subject of many a meme.The latest of these - which isn't even the first to surface in the last 24 hours - is a Photoshop battle that emerged on Reddit this week, which challenged online pranksters to alter an image of the soon-to-be president climbing a golf course green.The photo was taken at Pebble Beach during a game Trump was taking part in back in 2006, but has now seemed to have taken on a life of its own more than a decade later. ...

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    'It's elevating sexual assault as patriotism': Social media users angrily call out Spencer's stores for selling 'Grab America by the P***y' T-shirts

    Social media users are expressing disgust and horror that the novelty store Spencer's is selling T-shirts that casually reference sexual assault.The shirts, spotted by Washington copywriter Mary Numair, read 'Grab America by the P***y', referencing a crude statement Donald Trump was recorded saying in 2005.Written in red, white, and blue, the T-shirts make a joke about the vulgar comments which originally referred to an act that many have agreed describes an act of sexual assault turning it into a patriotic battle cry. [media_photo id="339811" height="845" width="634" alt="Offensive: Spencer's stores are selling T-shirts that read 'Grab America by the Pussy' in ...

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    Women s March on Washington co-chair says her 15 years of social activism started in reaction to 9/11

    A co-chair of Women's March on Washington has told how she first got involved in social activism in the aftermath of 9/11.Linda Sarsour from Brooklyn said that following the world-changing terror attack on New York City her entire outlook on the US 'changed in a matter of minutes'.The Muslim mother told Vox that it prompted her to volunteer for the Arab American Association of New York, where after 15 years she is executive director. [media_photo id="339826" height="871" width="634" alt="Pivotal moment: Linda Sarsour, one of four co-chairs of Saturday's march, said her outlook on the US 'changed in a matter of ...


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    Happily ever after: Lonely Planet reveals the world's most Instagram-worthy honeymoon locations and romantic road trips

    Your honeymoon is supposed to be a holiday of a lifetime so there are many things to consider when choosing and organising your dream trip.Advice on how romantic it will be, how to avoid confrontation with your other half and, for the modern newly-weds what will stand out on social media, could all help to make the journey extra special.Lonely Planet has now released a new step-by-step guide for happy couples on how to plan their first trip of married life, with answers to all of these crucial questions. [media_photo id="338938" height="641" width="962" alt="Your honeymoon is supposed to be a ...

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    Passenger plane loses control after landing and skids off the runway into a mound of snow

    A passenger plane skidded off the runway and into a pile of snow after landing at an airport in Japan on Thursday morning.The pilots of the ANA operated flight were reportedly trying to steer the aircraft towards the terminal when they lost control.There were 25 people on board at the time and no injuries were reported. A passenger plane skidded off the runway and into a pile of snow after landing at an ...

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    Inside the WWI ambulance train carriage transformed into a gourmet eatery loved by celebrities including David Tennant

    A World War One ambulance train carriage that carried wounded soldiers from the Western Front has been given a new lease of life as a quirky fine dining restaurant.Ross and Claire More have added the historic carriage to their railway-themed eatery in West Bay, Dorset.It was originally built in 1911 as a third class corridor passenger coach and turned into an ambulance train in 1918, when it was fitted with bunk beds and had medical staff on board. ...

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    The world's most powerful passports revealed: Germany takes the top spot (but the UK and US trail far behind)

    Germany has the most powerful passport in the world, according to the results of a 2017 travel ranking.Coming a close second is Sweden, followed by Singapore, which overtook South Korea as the most powerful in Asia this year.The UK narrowly made it into the top 10, beating the USA by just three countries. Germany has the most powerful passport in the world according to the results of a rankingThe latest ranking, released by, takes into account the number of ...



How Earth will end: Astronomers reveal the six cosmic catastrophes that could wipe out our planet

If you ask yourself what the biggest threat to human existence is you'd probably think of nuclear war, global warming or a large-scale pandemic disease. But assuming we can overcome such challenges, are we really safe?Living on our blue little planet seems safe until you are aware of what lurks in space.s Researcher discusses 6 cosmic catastrophes that have the potential ...

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    Does the mysterious WOLF 1061c hold life? Astronomers say nearby exoplanet lies within the 'habitable zone'

    Astronomers are investigating a planet just outside of Earth s solar system that could have the right conditions to support life.Known as Wolf 1061c, the planet sits right within the habitable zone, and is close enough for scientists to conduct ongoing studies.But, it is positioned close to the inner edge of this region, meaning it could be subjected to extreme heat that becomes trapped in its atmosphere, spurring a runaway greenhouse effect. An artist's impression of an exoplanet is pictured GOLDILOCKS ZONE In astronomy and astrobiology, the ...

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    The GM apple that wont go brown for 3 WEEKS: 'superfruit' gets go ahead to go on sale next month

    A new genetically modified apple that stops it from browning will be in stores in the Midwest starting in February. The gene responsible for causing browning in the apple has been silenced in Arctic Apples, meaning they don't go brown from being sliced open or bruised, and only go brown when they're actually rotting. Following their first commercial harvest in the fall of 2016, the Arctic Apple brand will be selling their Golden variety in select stores in the Midwest. s [media_photo id="339726" height="220" width="634" alt="A conventional apple (left) has a gene that's responsible for making it go brown when ...


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    Royal mail shares slump to lowest level - less junk mail being delivered post-Brexit

    Royal Mail shares slumped 6 per cent after it revealed that its letters business had struggled in the run-up to Christmas.The group, which has been hit by a decline in the number of people posting letters and cards, said sales had fallen 6 per cent in the nine months to December 25. Shares dropped 6 per cent, or 26.9p to 422.5p as a result. Slump: Royal Mail has been hit by a drop in the number of people ...

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    Australia's Macquarie man working at the heart of No 10... as Theresa May faces calls to stop controversial asset stripping bank buying key national assets

    The chief economic adviser to the Prime Minister was a leading consultant at controversial Australian bank Macquarie that is earmarked to buy crucial UK assets.Douglas McNeill was until December a senior analyst with Macquarie, which is the preferred bidder for the Green Investment Bank and is also leading a consortium to buy a 64 per cent stake in the National Grid.The Government is facing calls to reconsider its expected sale of both assets to Macquarie which has been dubbed the vampire kangaroo by its critics due to fears it intends to strip key assets out of each business and sell ...

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    Aviva executive loses post after boardroom shakeup, UK insurance businesses to merge

    A top Aviva executive once tipped to run the company has quit following a boardroom reshuffle.David McMillan, who was chairman of the firm s worldwide health insurance arm and head of its European operations, is leaving after a restructure which means his job no longer exists. Aviva said the changes would strengthen its hand in UK markets by bringing together insurance products under one boss.McMillan, 50, joined Aviva in 2002 and was instrumental in boosting its online presence. He set up the Quote Me Happy brand and has since overseen a turnaround in Europe in ...

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    Leadership changes: Nasser Hussain's brother quits Glaxo with AstraZeneca's Miels to step in

    One of GlaxoSmithKline s most senior figures is leaving after he missed out on the top job.The drug giant s head of global pharmaceuticals, Abbas Hussain who is the brother of ex-England cricket captain Nasser was a candidate to succeed Sir Andrew Witty when he leaves in March.But the role has instead gone to consumer health boss Emma Walmsley, and Hussain has decided to quit. The global head of pharmaceuticals at GlaxoSmithKline Abbas Hussain, is leaving the companyHe will be replaced by Luke ...

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    Made in Britain: Portmeirion's ceramics exports thriving in U.S and Korea

    An American appetite for quintessentially British tableware is driving exports at luxury manufacturer Portmeirion.The global popularity of its designs led to a special collection of Christmas-tree themed dinner sets for the US and more bowl ranges in South Korea.Dick Steele, chairman of the Stoke-on-Trent-based business, said: We have produced another record year. We sell wonderfully in South Korea, which is a huge compliment to us because the Koreans were making pottery while we were still painting ourselves blue. The manufacturer, which was founded in 1960, has grown by snapping up established brands such as ...

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    THE CITY INTERVIEW: 'Buckingham Palace is ordering from us now' - How Argos' boss is winning over the snobs...

    For those who associate Argos with cheap jewellery and cut-price electronics it might come as a surprise, but Buckingham Palace is one of its best customers.New boss John Rogers, who took the helm after the store chain was bought by Sainsbury s in a 1.3 billion deal last year, is keen to dispel its downmarket image.The store in Camden High Street in London, he says, delivers frequently to Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. So what does Her Majesty order? Toasters, Tupperware, one of the sovereign rings for which Argos is famed? [media_photo id="340021" height="423" width="634" alt="Success: Argos chief ...


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