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Megyn Kelly's morning show 'Megyn Kelly Today' will premiere at 9am starting in September... but not before the former Fox News star wraps up her ratings challenged Sunday night program

Megyn Kelly's eagerly anticipated show with the the Today Show has a new, and fitting name. Megyn Kelly Today will be the title of the new program which will debut at 9am weekdays starting September 25, according to the New York Post. The show's moniker is expected to be officially unveiled on Thursday to staff during internal meetings. Megyn Kelly's new show debuting in the 9am Today show slot to be dubbed Megyn Kelly TodayMeanwhile Kelly's ratings challenged evening ...

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  • Travel

    The tiny country full of golfing giants: Why Northern Ireland punches above its weight for spectacular courses, wonderful welcomes and bar-room fun

    For such a tiny nation, Northern Ireland seems greedy in owning so many world-class golf courses.Royal Portrush, in Antrim, and Royal County Down, on the Irish Sea at Newcastle, are hailed across the globe, but the game s spiritual home on the Emerald Isle might still be the famous 19th hole. After a wonderful day on the links at Portrush, followed by a hearty steak dinner and a nightcap in the Bushmills Inn, a 17th-Century, gas-lit establishment of wood panels, dark nooks and cosy crannies, a small band of locals strikes up a tune, as always seems to happen in ...

  • Travel News

    Travel firms can resume selling holidays to Tunisia for the first time since the 2015 massacre that killed 30 Brits

    UK tour operators can resume selling holidays in Tunisia for the first time since the Sousse massacre after the Government changed its travel advice.The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against all but essential visits to the country for the past two years following the June 2015 beach attack in which 30 Britons were killed.But the FCO announced on Wednesday that it has withdrawn the advice for the capital Tunis and major tourist resorts. [media_photo id="901827" height="413" width="634" alt="Tourists look at flowers at the site of a shooting attack on the beach in front of the Riu Imperial Marhaba ...

  • Travel News

    The ultimate 2017 cruise destinations revealed: Budapest, Alaska and Game of Thrones location Dubrovnik come out top in annual awards

    Budapest has been named the top-rated cruise destination of 2017 in findings based on passenger reviews.It won the accolade in the second Cruise Critic Cruisers Choice Destination Awards - which celebrates the feedback of passengers posted to its website.The awards name the most desirable cruise destinations across 15 regions all over the globe. Budapest has been named the top-rated cruise destination of the year according to passenger feedback on Cruise CriticBudapest was the most popular choice by cruisers ...

  • Travel News

    Revealed: The cities whose populations grow the most due to tourism (and it s Paris in the No1 spot with its numbers increasing by 700% thanks to 18million annual visitors)

    Arguably the most frustrating thing about being a tourist is other tourists.So a handy new infographic could prove invaluable to you if you want to avoid the crowds, because it reveals the cities around the world whose populations increase the most due to tourism as well as the cities that have the most overall annual visitors.The most dramatic population swelling takes place in Paris home of the Eiffel Tower with 18million visitors a year marking a 704 per cent increase on its 2.2million natives. [media_photo id="900892" height="630" width="962" alt="The most dramatic population swelling takes place in Paris home of the ...



'We should consider ourselves extragalactic immigrants': Surprising study finds HALF of the matter in the Milky Way comes from distant galaxies

While you may feel fairly comfortable in the belief that you come from planet Earth, a surprising study suggests that this may not be the case.New research indicates that up to half of the matter in our Milky Way may have come from distant galaxies.Scientists suggest we should consider ourselves 'extragalactic immigrants', as each one of us may be made in part from matter up to one million light years away. [media_photo id="903558" height="502" width="634" alt="Research indicates that up to half of the matter in our Milky Way may have come from distant galaxies. Scientists suggest that we should consider ...

  • Sciencetech

    Alzheimer's memory loss 'could be reversed': New study of mice finds disease may damage power of recall rather than recollections

    Memories apparently destroyed by Alzheimer s patients could one day be restored, new research suggests.The damage to the brain caused by the disease has been thought to permanently wipe memories.But new research in mice offers evidence that the memories are still there, that the problem is actually with the recall and that music can solve it. Memories apparently destroyed by Alzheimer s patients could one day be restored, new research suggests (stock image)People with Alzheimer s suffer build ups ...

  • Sciencetech

    Radical ship with solar panel 'sails' that rotate to face the sun to set sail next year

    A ship with renewable energy panels instead of sails is set for trials next year. The EnergySail, a rigid sail that sits on a pole and rotates to harness both wind and solar energy, could help lower toxic gas and carbon emissions.The EnergySail can also be used when a ship is at anchor or in port and can withstand high winds, and could help reduce fuel costs If weather conditions become rough, EnergySail's can be lowered and stored awayAccording to Eco Marine Power, the company behind the EnergySail, the sail is a renewable energy platform ...


  • Cars

    Ten of the best used city cars you can buy for under 10k: From a budget Citroen C1 to the spacious Hyundai i10

    Whether you call them city cars, or small hatchbacks, the market for such cars has never looked more vibrant. Most are equally happy performing down country lanes as they are in crowded city streets, and most at least maximise what space they have. So if you have a budget that can stretch to nearly 10,000 then read our countdown to the best ten cars in the market.10. Citroen C1 While this just makes it into the top ten, the almost identical Toyota Aygo doesn t quite make it. Even though the two are made in ...

  • Pensions

    State pension age rise to 68 will cost fortysomethings 10k - but you can slash that loss by TWO THIRDS if you top up investments now

    Fortysomethings stand to lose around 10,000 due to the state pension age hike to 68 - but shrewd savers can cut that dramatically by topping up investments now.If you are in your mid-40s, it will cost you 3,340, or 21 a month if you set aside money gradually, to build up an extra 10,000 lump sum before you hit the new state retirement age. That assumes 5 per cent investment growth, net of fees, over 22 years.The Government announced last week it was bringing forward a rise in the state pension age to 68 by seven years. That means the ...

  • Cars

    SIMON LAMBERT: Banning new petrols and diesels by 2040 could prove wise, but leaning on councils to crackdown on cars is a recipe for disaster

    Even as someone who has loved cars since he could walk and talk, I can see great merit in the decision to stop new diesel and petrol vehicle sales by 2040.Despite my passion for the internal combustion engine, it s easy to see how the quality of life benefits in terms of the environment and air and noise pollution will be immense.What worries me more about the Government s air quality plans is the role it wants councils to play. [media_photo id="903995" height="423" width="634" alt="Electric cars have made great strides in recent years and Tesla is the benchmark that the ...

  • News

    Have a break, have a SAKE KitKat! Japanese go wild for wacky flavours prompting new Nestle factory opening

    Chocolate maker Nestle is opening its first factory in Japan to meet demand for exotic KitKats.Around 300 varieties have been introduced in Japan, with flavours such as green tea, custard pudding and ginger. Other wacky tastes include yam and even Sake rice wine. Chocolate maker Nestle is opening its first factory in Japan to meet demand for exotic KitKatsKitKat sales have grown by 50 per cent in Asia since 2010. It is thought its popularity in Japan is partly down ...

  • Cars

    Diesel and petrol ban explained: What are electric cars like to drive, how will the government replace fuel duty revenue - and can the National Grid cope?

    Petrol and diesel cars will be banned by 2040 in the UK. Well, not banned outright, but manufacturers won't be able to sell new cars with internal combustion engines by this deadline.It means a nation of around 45million licence holders will have little choice but to turn to electric vehicles - an option that's been readily available to drivers for the best part of a decade but has so far proved too expensive and impractical to take off.While DEFRA's Air Quality Plan has made a bold statement to force a switch-over from fuel pumps to the charging plug, there are ...

  • Cards & loans

    Credit binge Britain: Figures reveal one in 10 is borrowing 5k more than they earn every year

    Amid a spate of warnings that Britons are living on a growing credit bubble, new research has revealed just how reliant on debt many people in the UK are.Research by price comparison site MoneySupermarket has found that one in four wants to borrow an amount equal to half their annual salary a year by taking on more debt.The firm also claimed one in 10 Britons hopes to borrow more than they earn - typically around 131 per cent of their salary - on average 5,058 more than they earn each year. [media_photo id="901493" height="423" width="634" alt="Hyundai i10: Nearly 40% of ...


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