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Jeremy Corbyn brands storm over his meetings with a Soviet-backed spy 'nonsense' and refuses to answer Theresa May's demand he authorise the release of any Stasi files on him

Jeremy Corbyn dismissed a storm over his meetings with a Soviet-backed spy 30 years ago as 'nonsense' today.The Labour leader denied he was himself a spy in heated exchanges at a manufacturing conference that saw journalists booed for raising questions.Mr Corbyn refused to directly answer a question about Theresa May's demand for him to authorise the release of any Stasi files held on him.The Prime Minister yesterday demanded Mr Corbyn be 'open and transparent' about his past as a week-long scandal continued to grow.  Labour has furiously denied the claims levelled against Mr Corbyn and other senior MPs since his name was ...

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    Single Lady Victoria Hervey, 41, is planning to become a mother with a 'friend' who is willing to donate his sperm - as she admits 'time is ticking'

    Lady Victoria Hervey is planning to have a child with a male friend after admitting 'time is ticking'. The 41-year-old former It girl, who recently had six of her eggs frozen at a clinic in the US, revealed during an appearance on ITV's Lorraine that a close friend had offered to donate his sperm.'Right now I have a friend who is willing to be the father. I am really considering I am going to do that,' she explained on the daytime TV show.The socialite has not hidden her desire to become a mother, opening up in a Mail on Sunday column ...

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    'It's just a bit of skin!' Susanna Reid insists women's nipples should NOT be censored as she blasts the outrage over Olympic ice dancer Gabriella Papadakis' wardrobe mishap

    Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid has slammed the furore over French ice dancer Gabriella Papadakis' nip slip at the Winter Olympics.The 47-year-old questioned why there had been such widespread interest in the wardrobe malfunction, arguing that nipples are simply 'another bit of skin'. Speaking on the ITV show today, Susanna and co-host Kate Garraway pointed out that men often exposed their bare chests on TV without any censorship or comment.s  Wardrobe malfunction: French Olympic ice dancer Gabriella Papadakis, 22, accidentally flashed her left nipple when the halterneck to her costume unfastened while she was performing with her partner, Guillaume Cizeron, 23, ...

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    Purple British gin that tastes like PARMA VIOLETS beats heavyweight brands to be named Amazon's best-selling spirit

    A distinctive purple-coloured gin that tastes like Parma Violets is the best-selling spirit on Amazon UK, it has been revealed.Sweet Violet Gin from Manchester-based distillery Zymurgorium has been praised by customers who have left dozens of five-star reviews on the shopping website. The tipple, which comes in a bottle printed with the city's bee mascot, has been described as having a 'sweet pastel taste' with many comparing the flavour to a Parma Violet sweet.  Delicious: Sweet Violet Gin from Manchester-based distillery Zymurgorium is the best-selling spirit on Amazon UK. The bottle, pictured, is printed with the city's bee mascot Firm favourite: ...


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    Tourists in Amsterdam's Red Light District will be ordered to turn their BACKS on sex workers in windows

    Tourists in Amsterdam are being told to stop ogling sex workers in the infamous Red Light District.Tour guides will have to ensure that visitors have their backs to the scantily-clad women who pose in full-length windows in brothels.The strict new rules, which come into effect in April, have been put in place by city authorities to crack down on the number of gawping tourists swarming the area. Tourists in Amsterdam are being told to stop ogling sex workers in the infamous Red Light District, pictured Shouting, alcohol and drug use are also forbidden on the tours and visitors will no longer ...

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    From an underwater letterbox in the South Pacific to a sorting room in Antarctica, the world's most remote post offices revealed

    These post offices give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'snail mail', as their remote locations could mean several weeks of waiting before letters reach their destination.MailOnline Travel has pushed the envelope to find some of the most obscure places at which you can pop something in the post.One of the odder spots includes a post box ten-feet-down at the bottom of the South Pacific Ocean, where you can buy waterproof postcards and postal marks are embossed instead of inked. Scroll down to see some first-class oddities. The world's most southerly post office - Port Lockroy, Antarctica Located on Goudier ...

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    Touring with the band has never been easier! The amazing fold-up GUITAR that can fit in your hand luggage (and you can even pack clothes inside it)

    Now you can easily take the band on tour, thanks to a fold-up guitar that doubles as a suitcase.Masterminded by Irish inventor Iain Maclean, the Notekase travel guitar features a removable back and neck, meaning it breaks down to a size suitable for cabin luggage. The hollow body of the instrument can be used to pack clothing in and it comes with a padded travel bag to protect it during transit. Now you can easily take the band on tour, thanks to a fold-up guitar that doubles up as a suitcaseAccording to Maclean, his patented design can be dismantled or reconnected in less ...

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    EXCLUSIVE: Meet Afghanistan's first female SKIERS, who are learning to snowplough in an area that was once a Taliban stronghold

    'In 2013,' said ski instructor Henriette Bjorge, 'women in Afghanistan had no idea what skiing was.'MailOnline Travel is listening to the Norwegian speak at Expedition Finse, a sort of festival for adventurers in Norway. She is explaining how she went about introducing Afghan women from an impoverished rural community in a former Taliban stronghold to snow ploughing and parallel turns.At first she had to do all of this while her students were dressed in completely inappropriate gear because they didn't have access to technical kit. For their first lesson, a group of Afghan women turned up armed with handbags, their ...



Genes from 'handsome' Taino Native Americans who were thought to have been wiped out after the arrival of Columbus in 1492 are found in modern-day Puerto Ricans

A 1,000-year-old tooth has provided genetic evidence that the first natives to meet Columbus in the New World have living descendants in the Caribbean.DNA from the Taino people, who were thought to have been wiped out after Europeans arrived in the Bahamas in 1492, has been found in modern-day Puerto Ricans.The new research provides the first concrete proof that indigenous ancestry in the Caribbean has survived to the present day. Previously, it was thought the 'handsome' Taino people were wiped out shortly after Christopher Columbus arrived in the Caribbean.   The Taino people spread north from South America (one) to a number ...

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    Drone deliveries for small packages could help to slash greenhouse gas emissions in the US, experts say

    There are more than 1 million drones registered in the U.S. Most of them belong to people flying them for fun, but a growing number are used commercially. Companies including Amazon, UPS, Google and DHL are already exploring ways to deliver packages with drones instead of trucks. Our new research has measured how that shift would change how the U.S. uses energy, and the resulting environmental effects.  Companies including Amazon, UPS, Google and DHL are already exploring ways to deliver packages with drones instead of trucks. File photoWe found that in some cases using electric-powered drones rather than diesel-powered trucks or vans could ...

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    Twitter trolls are exploiting the latest Apple bug to crash your iPhone by posting a rogue Indian character into their username

    Twitter trolls are exploiting a new Apple bug to crash your iPhone.The bug, uncovered on Friday, means a keyboard character from the Indian language Telugu can shut down applications as soon as it shows up in a text field.Now some Twitter users are inserting the 'text bomb' character into their usernames in the hope it will show up on iPhone users' timelines and crash their app or device.  Twitter trolls are exploiting a new Apple bug to crash your iPhone. The bug, uncovered on Friday, means a keyboard character (pictured) from the Indian language Telugu can shut down applications as ...


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    Billionaire Roundup: Moving, Apologizing, Firing, And Taking Action

    Hey there party people! It's been a rough week with another school shooting and all the other stuff going on in the world. If the Winter Olympics aren't enough of a distraction, we've got the latest edition of the Billionaire Roundup for you. Peter Theil has opinions about his fellow Silicon Valley residents and he's not afraid to speak up and then call the moving vans. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's wife Louise Linton is very, very, very, sorry for her Instagram gaffe. Steve Wynn was given the heave ho from his company and his severance package is… MIA. And finally, ...

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    The Kremlin Report Is Targeting Billionaire Russian Art Collectors

    The list of 210 Russians released by the U.S. Department of the Treasury contains the names of prominent Russians believed to have ties to Vladimir Putin and/or the Kremlin. In Russia, this list has come to be known as the "Kremlin Report." It is made up of Kremlin officials and oligarchs who the U.S. government believes may have been involved in election meddling in the United States. The list contains a number of names that share a notable thing in common: they are all prominent and active art collectors.Among the names of Russian art collectors on the "Kremlin Report," are ...

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    Ex-Husband Loses Out On $50 Million Fortune With One Dumb Move

    Crocker Coulson is a 53-year-old Brooklyn resident, Yale graduate, former Fulbright scholar, father, and ex-husband. His ex-wife, 53-year-old Anne Resnik is the daughter of the late Philip Morris CEO Frank Resnik. She has an estimated $50 million net worth. Coulson won't see even one cent of it because he was, to put it bluntly, dumb despite his Yale degree and status as a Fulbright scholar. Coulson bugged Resnik's iPhone using $50 software and then recorded private meetings she had with her attorney and therapist to try and turn the divorce proceedings to his advantage.As a result, a Brooklyn Supreme Court ...

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    Ikea encourages British households to switch to a green energy tariff with promise of up to £300 annual savings

    Swedish furniture giant Ikea has partnered with a collective energy switching firm to encourage households to sign-up to a 100 per cent renewable tariff.Ikea is not launching a tariff, rather nudging people to switch to a greener energy supplier, joining forces with the Big Clean Switch.The latter is a 'profit for purpose' firm that helps people move to renewable energy providers. The pair say that switching to a tariff with them could save households around £300 a year through lower electricity and gas bills. Bright idea? Swedish furniture Ikea has teamed up with the Big Clean Switch to help households secure ...

  • Markets

    We're powerless to stop another crash, admits Bank of England governor Mark Carney

    Mark Carney last night admitted that the Bank of England is powerless to stop the next financial crisis.Speaking in London, the central bank's governor said something was bound to go wrong in future, and it was impossible to know exactly what. But he added that the UK banking system was strong enough to withstand the next shock – even what he called a 'cliff-edge Brexit'.  Que sera sera:  Bank of England governor Mark Carney said something was bound to go wrong in future, and it was impossible to know exactly whatThe Bank has been criticised for its gloomy stance over Brexit ...


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    Oxfam boss issues a grovelling apology after saying the scandal is ‘not like we murdered babies in their cots’ as he is grilled by MPs over the crisis

    The boss of Oxfam today issued a groveling apology for downplaying the charity's scandal by saying that it was 'not like we murdered babies in their cots'.Mark Goldring had faced a fierce backlash after he used an interview in a newspaper to say that the backlash against the organisation was out of proportion.But today he issued an apology for using the words as he was hauled before a committee of MPs to explain his actions.It comes as he is being investigated over his handling of a sexual assault complaint made in Nigeria in 2010.Mr Goldring told MPs: 'I do apologise. ...

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    May and Sturgeon are deadlocked on Brexit after Scottish First Minister REFUSES offer to devolve all powers reclaimed from EU

    Nicola Sturgeon has rejected a Westminster offer to immediately devolve all powers returned from the EU to Scotland.Ministers in Westminster had hoped offering to hand over all 111 powers over devolved issues such as fishing and agriculture would end the impasse. The veto leaves London and Edinburgh deadlocked over Brexit and throws into new doubt whether Theresa May's flagship Brexit legislation will be law.The Scottish Government has objected to a demand some powers not being handed over until 'common frameworks' had been set up to ensure the smooth functioning of the England-Scotland border. Nicola Sturgeon (file image) has rejected a Westminster ...

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    The shocking moment a pervert is caught trying to take an upskirt photo of an oblivious woman with his phone

    A man in South Africa has been caught trying to take a picture up a woman's skirt, in disturbing video released by the country's Intelligence Bureau.CCTV shows the incident, which occurred at a busy petrol station in the harbour town of Richards Bay.A woman dressed in a skirt and red sleeveless top is seen waiting in line to pay for her purchases.A barefooted man behind her takes out his phone and puts it underneath her to take a picture, unbeknownst to her. The woman, pictured, is completely unaware that the man is trying to take a picture or video up ...

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    Melbourne on measles alert after a highly-infectious man in his 40s visited a Centrelink office, liquor shop and cricket ground with the disease

    A health alert has been issued after a highly-infectious man with measles came in close contact with Melbournians.The man in his late 40s visited public areas in the south-east Melbourne suburbs.Dandenong, Ferntree Gully, Rowville, Knoxfield, Wamtirna South and Belgrave were all visited by the man with measles. A health alert has been issues after a highly-infectious man with measles came in to close contact with people in south-east Melbourne suburbs The man was seen at Centrelink in Dandenong from January 22 to February 2 He was highly-infectious when he visited the public places over the course of three weeks.From January 22 ...

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    ‘Give it up for Mohammed, the new Hoff’: Baywatch star David Hasselhoff says he’d like to meet hero student police officer who jumped into freezing water to save a man's life

    David Hasselhoff is hoping to meet with a hero student police officer nicknamed 'The Hoff' after he saw a video of the PC jumping into freezing water to save a man in Greater Manchester.The actor, who played head lifeguard Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch, was alerted to officer Mohammed Nadeem's heroics when Hardy's Gate Bridge in Bury became the scene of a rescue that could have come straight out of the classic 90s TV show.The student police officer showed nerves of steel to brave the bracing temperatures of the River Irwell to assist a man in distress, thus earning himself the ...

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    A pitiful end for a titan of the sea: Blue whale carcass is stomped on by people taking selfies and covered in GRAFFITI saying 'Ana I love you' after washing up on a beach

    A blue whale carcass has been stomped on by people taking selfies and covered in graffiti after it washed up on a beach in Chile.The huge 66ft whale created a stir among locals after it was discovered on the shoreline of Punta Arenas in the Magallanes Region of the country.But pictures soon emerged online showing people clambering on the dead mammal's body and trampling on its back.Footprints could be seen on its carcass and one online picture showed how someone had scrawled 'Ana, I love you' on its flank. A blue whale carcass has been stomped on by people taking ...

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    Woman who was refused a haircut at a men's-only barber shop considers suing the business for sexual discrimination but owner defends the gender policy

    A Brisbane barber shop that could face a sex discrimination claim for refusing to cut a woman's hair says it is fighting to change lease conditions it blames for turning her away.Vivien Houston went to Jimmy Rod's Barbershop at The Gap Village Shopping Centre on Friday, but says she was refused service because she's a woman.Ms Houston says she was floored and is now pursuing a sexual discrimination claim.'I went to sit down and one of the barbers at the shop, who has cut my hair previously, stopped me,' Ms Houston has told ABC radio. Vivien Huston was refused service ...

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    May threatens to keep Cabinet up ALL NIGHT at Chequers summit to thrash out Brexit negotiating stance amid warnings that failure could sweep Corbyn to power

    Theresa May is threatening to keep her Brexit war Cabinet at Chequers all night to thrash out a plan for negotiations with Brussels.The Prime Minister is due to gather senior ministers at her country residence on Thursday to discuss the 'end state' of relations with the EU.Mrs May has been struggling to forge a united position as Brexiteer and Remain factions within her top team clash over how close ties should be. She has been mooting a compromise that could see Britain vow to keep EU standards initially to minimise disruption to trade. The Prime Minister (pictured giving a speech in ...

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